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Experience the World of Affiliate Marketing

At 7seconds2viral, we specialize in Affiliate Marketing Training and Resources. We offer our followers a range of free & paid services and products including eBooks, audio files, podcasts, hands-on interactive digital courses, plus, if requested: mentorship, coaching & mastermind events.


We also pride ourselves on being an inclusive, non-discriminant, safe learning environment for ALL people, regardless of diversity.


Access free & paid essential marketing tools, training, and services. Today!

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Uncover the business model and approach that works comfortably with your personal brand (which is YOU) and complements your unique strengths, personality and business goals. 

Whether your passion is to build an online business about weight-loss, gossip, parenting, travel, fashion, gardening, interior design, sports cars or pet supplies (and pretty much everything in between), we got you covered.

~And no, you don't have to to juggle five kittens while twerking on TikTok, to earn money online. (Lol)

*Although if you're into that sort of thing, we can certainly point you in the right direction for that as well. 😘😊😂💕

Live Life to the Fullest



Free & Paid Services, Training, Tools and Resources


Diverse, Safe, Interactive Learning Environment


Advanced Tech  - Interactive & User-Friendly for all Levels


Certified Professionals -  Hard Knocks' Schools & Pedigree


24/7 Support +  Ethical, Goal-Focused, Motivated Community

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400, 601 West Broadway

Vancouver BC, V5Z 4C2


275 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016

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Mon - Fri: 24/7
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